I have been a client of Austway Vending since 2001, over the years there hasn’t been too much they haven’t helped me with, being buying, selling or siting of vending machines or helping me setup vending machines, removing doors, parts, assistance over the phone or wholesaling of stock, and even letting me know where the specials are and still to date I am using Peter and Bruna. I have found them to be more like a partner in my vending machine business. Peter introduced me to the industry and I have been running a very successful part time vending machine business since. I think its the honesty and integrity that I like the best which gives them the longevity.
Stefan M

Stefan M,

Thanks Peter, my new vending machines are going great and my customers love the look of the vending machines and their reliability. My sales have improved and I’m no longer losing money due to breakdowns.
Bruce P

Bruce P,

When I was first getting into the vending machine business I contacted a number of companies in Perth for information. In the end I settled on Austway Vending as I found Peters advice the most straightforward and helpful. Since then I have purchased three vending machines from Peter. I have always relied on him for help with servicing and support including repairs and stock. I will definitely continue to utilize his services in the future and I recommend contacting him if you are thinking of following a similar path.
Seth P

Seth P,

Oceanwest Social Club has been a client for 10 years. We have found Austway Vending always a reliable service who will go that extra mile being for technical knowledge, support, stock or just eager to help us maximise the use of the vending machines.
Tony M

Tony M, Tony M