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a few words About Austway Vending Perth

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Austway Vending Machines Perth

Austway® Vending is a WA company that has been established since 1996. Peter and Bruna Antonas purchased the business in early 1999 and immediately started to improve customer service and expand the range of vending equipment. Austway Vending Perth main focus has been on snack and drink machines. We have found that Combination machines are the most profitable. We continue to offer the most modern and efficient machinery with reliability being our main focus to suit our particular climate.

As we are not from a sales background, we believe that our clients should be treated the same way we would like to be treated, with honesty and respect and that has been the basis of our success. With many local investors we are able to provide access to impartial testimonials.


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Less Downtime.
Service to Public and Staff.
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Compact size and Discreet (Not a billboard) Energy Efficient.
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Product pricing flexible usually 20-50 cents cheaper than elsewhere.
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Not aligned with any one company. We can a stock a Coke next to a Schweppes or Pepsi, or Samboy next to Smiths, Soups and Noodles etc. The choice is yours, No Limits.
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No Rental Fees, Free installation, Free Delivery, Free ongoing Service.
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Local Owner Operator, therefore service is excellent and with over 30 years experience in Local Support.
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We will have a machine to suit your Workplace, Office, Workshop, Showroom, Gym, School, Club or any business.
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